Blue Mountains

Holywell National Park

Enjoy nature at her best with spectacular views, educational trails and relaxing gazebos. End the day with a deliciously fresh meal at EITS Cafe, a fusion of European and Jamaican cuisine, in a mountainside setting.

Starting from $118.00 USD

Holywell & Fish Dunn Falls

Enjoy the Blue Mountains in a different way! Hiking at Holywell and swimming at Fish Dunn Falls all in the same day!

Starting from $130.00 USD

Rastafarian Village

Jam with the locals at their mountaintop home and learn the Rastafarian culture and religion. End the day with lunch at EITS Cafe at Mount Edge, a farm-to-table experience in a unique and charming setting.

Involves a steep hike so must be 12 years and older and physically able!

Starting from $112.00 USD

Craighton Estate Coffee Farm & Great House

A must-see for the nature lover and coffee enthusiast. 

Visit this historic and beautiful location in the mountains and source of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, rated #1 in the world!

Starting from $90.00 USD

Holywell, EITS Cafe, & Blue Mountain Coffee Farm

Escape into the mountains for a full day of refreshing activities and breathtaking views at 3000ft above sea level. With wondeful company and exceptionally delicious food, you'll be so happy you decided to get away with us. 

Starting from $135.00 USD


Tuff Gong Studios & the National Gallery of Jamaica

Join us for an explosive cultural experience of music and art in Kingston, the heart beat of Jamaica.

Starting from $95.00 USD

Lime Cay & Port Royal

A delightful mix of sun, sea, sand, history AND great food!

Starting from $120.00 USD

Surfing in Bull Bay & Cane River Falls

Take a surf lesson with Jamnesia Surf Club and cool off at Cane River Falls, a neat little spot which is only a stone's throw from Kingston. 

Starting from $110.00 USD

St. Elizabeth

Accompong Maroon Village

Venture into the beautiful mountains of Cockpit Country to one of five areas granted to the Maroons in 1738 and still home to authentic maroons, many generations later.

Starting from $140.00 USD


Mayfield Falls

Nestled deep in the mountainside, Mayfield Falls is one of the most amazing natural waterfalls on the island. Experience this hidden gem with us!

Starting from $135.00 USD

St. James

Rastafarian Indigenous Village

Experience the Rastafarian culture and lifestyle, with music, drumming, food tasting and more!

Starting from $110.00 USD

St. Mary

Kwamen Falls & Strawberry Fields

Take an adventurous hillside hike to a hidden waterfall and then enjoy the beautiful 18-acre waterfront property of Strawberry Fields.

Starting from $120.00 USD

Sea Turtles in Oracabessa Bay

Watch a nest be released and experience the hatching of these baby turtles and their journey to the ocean! You can even swim with them!

Starting from $60.00 USD


Frenchman's Cove & Blue Lagoon

Experience two of the most beautiful spots that have made Portland famous worldwide: the world-class beach at Frenchman's Cove and the movie-setting Blue Lagoon.

Starting from $135.00 USD

Frenchman's Cove & Rafting on the Rio Grande

Want more of the rafting experience? Well this is the adventure for you! 2 1/2 hours rafting down the gorgeous Rio Grande river, coupled with a bit of beach time at Frenchman's Cove!

Starting from $145.00 USD

Winnifred Beach & Rafting on the Rio Grande

For the rafters who want to experience one of Portland's off-the-beaten track treasures - the secluded Winnifred beach!

Starting from $145.00 USD

Experience PORTLAND

Get a taste of this beautiful parish with beach time at a cove of your choice, the Blue Lagoon, AND the amazing Reach Falls!

Starting from $145.00 USD

Reach Falls & Long Bay

An exciting day of climbing falls and boogie-boarding waves. See a different side of Portland!

Starting from $125.00 USD

Diving Portland!

An underwater adventure in one of the most beautiful parishes for diving on the island.

Starting from $220.00 USD