Climb Your Mountain

February 8, 2016

unspecifiedExit your comfort zone. When I started my company almost 3 years ago, I traded the security of a 9 to 5 for a more flexible, lesser paying job that allowed me time to work on my business. Now, full-time in a growing business, each day brings something new. The challenges are plenty, but personally nothing beats the feeling of hurdling each obstacle as it comes. 


The Blue Mountains is one of my favorite places on the island. 100_0925The air is cool and crisp, the vegetation is so beautiful and there is a magic about the mountains that instantly refreshes you. Hiking to the peak is an adventure and not an easy feat, but it’s a challenge that travelers take on year after year. Why would you push your body outside the boundaries of being comfortable to reach the top of a mountain? The reward must outweigh the stress caused on your body, otherwise you wouldn’t do it.

What is the mountain in your life today? That mountain which, when you attempt to climb it, stretches you to your limit causing discomfort and even pain. That mountain that you’ve probably already tried to climb but turned back many times, so now you’re at the bottom again or stuck somewhere halfway up. The truth is that the only way to climb a mountain is by putting one foot in front of the next. It doesn’t matter if your going at a snail’s pace, if your feet hurt, or even if you’re not enjoying the journey. If you keep climbing, you must reach the peak.

The peak is where your victory is. The sweet reward of your trial. What is the mountain in your life today? It could be debt, fear, depression or even your weight. Imagine you’re standing on top of that mountain: debt-free, happy and healthy. Is it worth the discomfort and pain of the climb? You know it is! Go and climb your mountain and free yourself from what has been holding you back. The more you do it, the easier it gets and before you know it your facing all your fears head on, hurdling the mountains as if they were foothills.

I’ve gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you are always in your comfort zone, you aren’t growing.

100_1054I challenge you to do something this year that makes you uncomfortable. Travel solo to the country you always wanted to visit. Get off the edge and leap into the new venture you’ve been pondering since last year. Leave your day job to pursue your dreams. Lose the weight, and lose it now! Change your mindset and forget the excuses. Envision who you want to become, and go for it.

Comment below and tell us about a major mountain in your life that you had to climb and inspire someone who needs to hear your story.

Tamia Harker – Entrepreneur



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